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Ladder of Youth Voice

Youth Action Council (YAC) is a two-year partnership between Tulsa Changemakers and Hunger Free Oklahoma (HFO). Tulsa Changemakers recruits college fellows and matches them with a local nonprofit to lead Tulsa youth through a one-year leadership program. YAC members are high school-aged youth and meet twice a month to work on projects related to school meals. HFO provides transportation through Modus Tulsa and dinner each program evening.

YAC is an intergenerational approach to authentic youth engagement and we follow the Ladder of Youth Voice, adopted by Adam Fletcher. The lowest levels of the ladder represent programs with youth who are not able to make decisions on the projects they work on, the activities they do, and can appear to be in token roles. The highest levels of the ladder represent programs with youth who are leading projects, making decisions, practicing conflict resolution, and embodying a youth-driving atmosphere. We strive for youth/adult equity in our Youth Action Council program at Hunger Free Oklahoma.

Kianle Frazier joined YAC in its pilot year and continued this year. Kianle is a senior graduating from Memorial High School and shared his thoughts on how YAC impacted him:

YAC had an opportunity to attend Anti-Hunger Day at the Capitol after spending two years working on school meal policy projects. For some youth, it was their first time at the Capitol speaking to their legislators and others had more experience. It allowed for authentic peer coaching and leadership. Youth do have leadership skills and can learn from each other.

Isabella Mar, a 9th grader at Booker T. Washington, joined YAC this year and shared her experience at the Capitol this past April:

Youth Action Council will begin accepting applications for the 2024-2025 school year beginning in September 2024. Follow Hunger Free Oklahoma for more information!

Working together for a hunger free Oklahoma.

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