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Tulsa Children Receive Free, Nutritious Summer Meals

During the school year, 62% of Oklahoma kids rely on free-and-reduced meals to receive proper nutrition; many of these students do not have access to adequate nutrition outside of school. In Tulsa, a staggering 84% of students rely on free-and-reduced meals. Tulsa Public Schools (TPS) has offered Summer Café for over 30 years as a way to ensure that all children under age 18 have access to nutritious meals during the off-months of summer. In 2016, TPS served 219,000 meals during the summer but there is still room to grow.

Summer Café is funded as part of the USDA’s Summer Meal Program and all kids under age 18 can receive a free breakfast and lunch during the week at sites throughout Tulsa. Children are not required to provide any documentation to participate.

Summer Café runs June 1 through August 4. To learn more about the program or see a list of sites, visit the link below.

If you run a summer program or know of need in your community and are interested in how you can access resources to feed your students, please contact us.

Learn more about Summer Café.

Working together for a hunger free Oklahoma.

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