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Do you provide healthcare to adults with diabetes or hypertension who live in Seminole, Okemah, Jay, Perry, Altus, Hobart, Enid, or Sand Springs?

As an extension of the Double Up Oklahoma (DUO) program, DUO for Health aims to improve fruit and vegetable access and intake among Oklahomans with chronic disease who participate in SNAP.

We are seeking healthcare partners, who patients view as trusted sources of nutrition advice, to help spread the word about the health benefits of eating fruits and vegetables.

Empower you patients to eat more fruits and vegetables for better health.

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DUO for Health provides eligible physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants with free patient education materials about the effective use of fruits and vegetables for glycemic and blood pressure control. All materials have been designed by a registered dietitian and reviewed by faculty experts at the University of Oklahoma Hudson College of Public Health and the OU-TU School of Community Medicine Culinary Medicine program.

Hypertension and diabetes are major contributors to morbidity 1,2 and mortality3 in Oklahoma. The American Heart Association4 and the American Diabetes Association5 strongly endorse diets that are rich in fruits and vegetables for the management of these conditions. A recent study conducted by medical school faculty at the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University found that less than 5% of all Oklahoma adults with diabetes and hypertension are eating the minimum guidelines for fruits and vegetables.6 National research suggests that most adults view their physicians as trusted sources for nutrition information.7 We believe Oklahoma physicians can play a pivotal role in shifting patient views and desires to take control of their health through better eating.

National research suggests more than half of patients with diabetes have yet to receive any formal nutrition counseling for blood sugar management.8 Similarly, patients with hypertension only receive nutrition counseling by their medical providers one-third of the time.9 Brief counseling from healthcare providers can effectively spark change in patient eating behaviors.10 As a DUO for Health partner, you will receive free materials that provide patients with meal ideas, recipes, and free access to vegetable knife skills videos to support ongoing behavior change.

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Getting Started

If you provide healthcare to Oklahoma adults with diabetes or hypertension who live in SeminoleOkemahJayPerryAltusHobart, Enid, or Sand Springs, your practice is eligible to receive free hard copies of DUO for Health patient brochures, recipes, and additional resources to share with your patients.

Enrollment is as easy as 1-2-3!
  1. Complete a short enrollment survey to help us better understand your patient population and current use of nutrition in patient care
  2. Receive your first bundle pack of DUO for Health materials and provide to patients with diabetes or hypertension during routine medical visits
  3. Request a refill by completing another short follow-up survey about your experience and satisfaction with materials




Note: Materials are distributed at the provider level.  Each participating provider at a practice must complete their own request for materials. If your practice is not in one of the above Oklahoma communities, please complete our waitlist form to receive an invitation once your community is eligible.

Request a call from our staff by completing this short form with a name, number, and email.


Are you hosting a health fair, community gathering, or educational event focused on nutrition and wellness? Invite a DUO for Health Ambassador to join you and enhance the impact of your event!

Our ambassadors are passionate advocates for healthy eating and are ready to engage with your audience by:

● Providing brief discussions with patients and community members about the benefits of fruit and vegetables for health.
● Explaining how the Double Up Oklahoma (DUO) program works and how it can be used to support nutrition goals.
● Distributing colorful patient education materials that promote the DUO program and show patients how to eat more fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy diet.

Bringing a DUO for Health Ambassador to your event adds expertise, enthusiasm, and a commitment to improving the health of your community…all at no cost to you as a DUO for Health partner!

To request an ambassador for your event, please contact us with details about your event, including date, time, location, and any other important details about your event. We are only available to support one or two events per month, so please reach out soon to get added to the calendar!

DUO for Health resources are available for free download for any healthcare provider, regardless of the location of their practice or population served.

Click here to download this two-page PDF flyer (16×9)

Click here for the Spanish version

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Click on each recipe card for the full recipe PDF file.

Black Bean Mango Salsa
Creamy Avocado Bean Dip Creamy Rainbow Fruit Salad Grilled Veggie Kabobs

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This organization is an equal opportunity provider.
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